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New Tayyabs, London

In retrospect, I could not have made a better choice of restaurant for my premier review than New Tayyabs. It successfully showcases the idea and ideals of my Food Snob i.e. one who seeks and admires superior, tastier fare and NOT one who’s focus is limited to haute cuisine or ‘posh nosh’. For those of you unfamiliar with NT (and there cannot be many) it is one of London’s great bon marchés – authentic Pakistani cuisine served in generous portions with a BYO policy and no corkage, all for under £20 a head. The restaurant is ubiquitous among blogs, restaurant reviews and discussion boards, always highly rated and recommended, indeed often highlighted as an essential stop for anyone visiting London.
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Je commence!

If one was to look at the dictionary definition of ‘snob’, they would wonder why I would voluntarily associate myself with such a term. For those too lazy to check, a snob is defined as ‘a person who imitates, cultivates, or slavishly admires superiors…’ (I paraphrase, forgive me). Now with regards to ‘food snob’, I am desperately trying to stretch this term to apply to one who is constantly in search of better, superior cuisine. If you cannot agree and feel it simply shows arrogance, I apologise, but too bad – it was either this or hungry hippo and I was strongly nudged away from using this…

Enough about my blog, a little bit more about myself. I live in London and have a penchant for travel. I do not claim to be an expert on food nor a serious cook, but that said, I believe I can appreciate good food. I have not visited as many restaurants nor do I eat out as frequently as some of the many fellow bloggers that have inspired me, but I have made a resolution to change that…and share the results!

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