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Ambassade de l’Ile (The Second Return), London

It has been months since my last visit to l’Ambassade de l’Ile. But that has not stopped me recommending it to others. Lately, however, I had started to feel a little guilty about this fact. What if it had changed? What if it was no longer as good as it was yet I was continuing to send hungry men and women to unhappy, unsatisfying lunches and dinners?

That is why I was delighted though surprised when Ambassade popped up on Ulterior Epicure’s programme. Surprised as I had not suspected the restaurant’s name to be familiar, yet, with those in the Americas and delighted to at last be returning, again.

Ambassade de l'Ile Ambassade de l'Ile 2

When we arrived, everything was superficially the same as when I left it last; the purple lights continued to shine, the curious curios around the reception remained where they were and the TV monitors spying on the kitchen had not been switched off. And Chef Jean-Christophe was still there too. Before the summer, many believed that he was just another foreign chef out to bleed British diners dry with one more fancy, expensive franchise restaurant. Contrary to this, like a good sentry, he has not abandoned his post and still spends more time in London than at home, in Lyon.
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Ambassade de l’Ile (The Return), London

I know what you must be thinking: “Another ‘return’? Again, Food Snob? But we want to hear about different places, not the same ones over and over again.” Well, settle down readers, I agree; of course I too want to try new restaurants, but exceptions are acceptable and do sometimes seriously pay off…
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Ambassade de l’Ile, London

Some heated conversation on the chowhound boards piqued my interest: Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex, the 2* Michelin chef/owner of Auberge de l’Ile, Lyon was opening a new restaurant in Knightsbridge. A little research uncovered that, from mid-June until July, there would be a soft opening on. When I discovered the 25% discount offered over this period, I immediately made reservations for what turned out to be opening night.

Ambassade de l'Ile - InteriorAmbassade de l'Ile - Interior 2Ambassade de l'Ile - Interior 3
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